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    Posted on July 08 2016

    Need proof of sun damage on your face? Just take a look at your rear!

  • Sherilyn's 5 Easy Ways to Have Great Skin

    Posted on June 29 2016

  • The Relationship between Coffee and Skincare—Simplified

    Posted on September 11 2015

    In order to understand the link between coffee and clear, healthy skin, you must first understand the greater connection between a person and coffee—and there are many ways the two can be acquainted. The following are the most common relationships that can be found between human and bean.
  • Worrying About Your Pimples Is Giving You More Pimples

    Posted on August 12 2015

    Studies have suggested that there is a link between stress and increased levels of pimple production. What this means is that when you have a breakout and a test, or an assessment at work, you are likely to flare up. What this also means is that if you break out, and freak out about your break out, it only makes it worse.

  • Advice for Pimple Pickers – Don’t Do It!

    Posted on July 15 2015

    Pimples form because of harmful bacterial substances getting into your pores. Often times when people pick at them, they are further pushing the substances into their skin. This is not only unhelpful but counterproductive in the pimple fighting process.
  • The Science of Tanning

    Posted on July 08 2015

    It’s time to break the silence. Tans are bad for you. Yes, we know they’re sexy, but that doesn’t make them healthy. Arguments have been made in the past that tanning from sunlight is the truly dangerous activity, and that tanning salons provide a healthy alternative to the sun’s harmful UV Rays.
  • Are “Harmless” Henna’s Hurting Your Skin?

    Posted on June 29 2015

    Pure Henna (that which has been made entirely from natural products and oils) is safe. Assuming that you have no allergies to the substance, it is safe to apply to your skin. If you don’t know if you’re allergic and want to be cautious, you can start with a small tattoo, or have a little glob applied, before deciding to let your hands, arms, or feet become an entire canvas.

  • 5 Ways Honey Can Improve your Skin

    Posted on April 15 2015

    What do we love about honey? Basically everything. It’s a great natural sweetener, it’s been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease as well as many other ailments, boosts one’s immune system, and it’s even great for your skin. Seriously, honey is a one-stop wonder, and if you haven’t gotten on the honey train yet, here’s your chance!

  • Winter Foods for Clear Healthy Skin

    Posted on March 04 2015

    This winter has been extra brutal, which means, extra dry skin. We’ve been moisturizing like crazy and keeping our skin in check, but since there’s no end in site, we’ve decided to take our skincare regimen to the next level by hydrating from the inside out. Diet plays a huge role in helping keep our skin glowing, after all, we are what we eat! Here are our top 10 food picks that will have your winter skin
    clear and healthy.
  • 4 Ways to Improve your Skin in 2015

    Posted on January 05 2015

    Want better skin in 2015? We’ve got your back. Clear, healthy, glowing skin will have your friends begging for your skincare tips and tricks.

  • How to Tweak Your Skin Care Routine For Winter

    Posted on December 18 2014

    Now that winter is nearly here, we’re going to have a lot more of those below-freezing days. And while it’s fine to resolve NEVER to leave your house for three months, there simply will be moments when you’re outside and your skin is cracking and blistering from the wind and the cold. Here’s how to offer your skin protection for those moments.
  • Healthy, Glowing Skin in Flight

    Posted on December 01 2014

    Whether you’re looking forward to Christmas on the beach or you have to fly to see the in-laws around a Christmas ham, we know that heading to the airport can leave your skin a little less than perfect. We like to travel for the holidays but we don’t like having dry, flaky skin when we get off of the plane.

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