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things they don't tell you . . .

Posted on 13 February 2016

Skincare Arsenal 2016. "It is that time of year again. I've said before that I am a summer girl. I live for the beach, salty air and warm nights. Winter is just an all around downer! Nothing is impacted as greatly as my skin. In the summer my skin is clearer, brighter and softer. When the temperature drops below 50, my skin rebels. The result: dry, dry, dry. I have made a number of changes to my skincare routine. I want to share the simple changes you can try as well as provide you a list of products that I enjoy in the winter months.

I received a sample of evologie in a birchbox last year and I fell in love. It is so smooth, can be applied to a larger area rather than many of the other salicylic based treatments which should only be used on spots. evologie truly works better than prescriptions I have used before!" Dom, 1/25/16, Read more:

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