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Tales from a Type 1

Posted on 16 March 2016

My skin was flawless until my first year at college. With the imbalance of healthy food and blood sugar spikes, my complexion began to suffer. High blood sugar levels cause the body to be more acidic which lowers its defenses against bacteria that naturally occur on the skin. This causes redness that can appear Rosacea-like and different types of acne. Recently I came across the skincare brand, Evologie. It accomplishes in hydrating the skin as it replenishes, restores, and rejuvenates. I realized that I was putting too many products on my skin that ended up irritating my sensitive skin even more. By simplifying my skincare regimen, I find the redness to be fleeting. Evologie has the effect of improving skin's appearance with in the first couple of days and sunscreen should be applied frequently while using this product. As a health-conscious young lady, I find it helpful to know that what I'm putting on my skin is 100% naturally derived ingredients and perfume free. Fragrance/perfume (although I love it dearly) can be a leading skin irritant, so just be sure to check the labels and stay clear of cheap fragrant ingredients if you can.” Shelene, 3/15/16, Read more:!The-Relationship-between-Glucose-and-Skincare/yenyb/56e877eb0cf282fc9b00077e

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